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Lockhart Locksmith provides top quality locks such as Kaba Ilco to keep your home safe. We install, repair and service all types of locking systems. If you get locked out of your house, we can help with proper re-entry.

Criminal activities are on the rise, and many of these events include tampering with a door lock. Waking up only to find your lock tampered with and broken is definitely an inconvenience. This makes it hard to secure your home but could also leave you stranded. We are the professionals that can get the job done quickly, ensuring you regain access and can feel safer in your own home. We service both residential and commercial clients and offer a wide range of services to suit your needs.

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Kaba Ilco Door Lock Repair Services

Picking, bumping, and brute force are all common methods used by criminals to bypass a door lock. When any of these methods are used, it may end up leaving your lock damaged. In this situation, you may not be able to use the lock – it could leave your home exposed or even cause you to be locked out of your own home.

The expertise held by our team can help to ensure your tampered locks are fixed without delay. We have experts that are experienced in different types of Kaba Ilco door locks. Our professionals will inspect the current state of the lock and provide appropriate recommendations – which may include repairing or a replacement, depending on the amount of damage that was dealt.

Rekeying Kaba Ilco Locks

Keys are some of the most commonly lost items. In the US alone, a total of $2.7 billion is lost on an annual basis on lost items. Even though the average citizen would spend over two days looking for a lost key, you may sometimes be unable to recover it.

Rekeying of Kaba Ilco locks can be a good option in these cases. Apart from such a scenario, our rekeying services are also great for times where you wish to replace the keys used without having to install a new lock.

Kaba Ilco Lock Installation

We are not only the experts when it comes to the repairing and rekeying of Kaba Ilco locks. Our experts also have the skills needed to provide a professional installation of these locks. We can assess your current needs and the frames used on your doors. Our experts then provide you with recommendations on the best Kaba Ilco locks that would work in your scenario.

The range of Kaba Ilco locks known to provide enhanced security and exceptional durability, which are only two of the reasons we recommend this series of locks when it comes to securing your doors. Have a specific lock-in mind? No matter how complex, our experts can install it quickly and professionally.


Door locks play a crucial part in a building’s overall security setup. Whether at home, the office, or a shopping center – ensuring all locks are effective and without faults is important. Our experts can assist in servicing any type of Kaba Ilco door lock. We are the experts – even when other locksmiths fail to deliver. Our range of services includes the installation, repair, and rekeying of Kaba Ilco door locks.

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